We live in a stressful world, where it is sometimes hard to even stop to catch our breath, especially as mothers.  I am passionate about supporting women and empowering families to have a better work life balance.

Having worked for over a decade in male-dominated corporates, after becoming a mother to two girls and stepmum to another son and daughter, I soon realised that being a woman isn’t necessarily about having it all but doing it all.

My business

In 2007 following the birth of my daughter Alana, I was made redundant. Rather than viewing this as a setback, I took it as an opportunity to fulfil my dream of running my own business and making a difference to others. Having remembered my own experiences as a new mother, I wanted to help other women through this time and so MamaBabyBliss was born.

MamaBabyBliss is a social enterprise and our company mission is to nurture and pamper women and babies from pregnancy through motherhood. I am proud to say that we are the only company in the world to offer products, classes and treatments for pregnancy, new mums and babies. We have won many awards and most importantly, we have made a difference to thousands of mothers and babies.

In 2010, I read that those most at risk of redundancy in the recession were mothers working part-time. This was because corporations considered them the most ‘expendable’. This incensed me and so, I decided to set up a unique training programme and licence opportunity enabling women to set up their own business as a MamaBabyBliss Teacher.

Currently, there are over 20 MamaBabyBliss Teachers offering a curriculum of 11 classes and workshops nationwide, supporting women from pregnancy to when their babies are three years old.

In 2014, I also launched a pregnancy massage training programme and there are now over 60 affliate salons and therapists nationwide offering MamaBabyBliss ‘Truly Bumptious’ treatments.

To find out more about MamaBabyBliss, please visit the website: mamababybliss.com

I am regularly featured as an entrepreneur in the media and have won a variety of awards. In 2014, I was honoured to receive a Mum and Working award for the ‘Most Inspiring Business Parent’. I have also been featured in ‘Kitchen Table Tycoon’ by Anita Naik. Please visit the Press page to find out more.