My life changed when I became a mother. I don’t just mean in terms of my to-do-list (which expanded by hundred-fold) but who I am. I make no bones that the most important people in my life are my children. I can’t help it. Although I love my husband and my own mother to bits, the love for my children is different.

From the day, Natasha and Alana were born, the world became a different place. I transformed from a woman who was so proud of her ‘independence’ to a woman who no simply longer existed for herself. From the moment, they were born, their happiness became my happiness, their tears became my tears and their pain became my pain.

Nature somehow hardwires us, that as mothers, no matter what our children do, our love is unbreakable. Do my children drive me nuts? Sure. Do I fight with my children? Well, I have an 18-year-old daughter, so I’ll leave you to figure out the answer to that one. Are there times, when I can’t sleep because one of them is poorly or something has happened that has made them unhappy. Absolutely. Is motherhood the hardest job, I’ve ever done. For sure.

Do I mind about any of these things? No. Quite simply because I am their mum. Because nothing makes me happier than getting a spontaneous kiss and a cuddle. Nothing gives me a warm glowy feeling than nuzzling up to them and reading a bedtime story or  just having a girly chat with Tash. Nobody makes me feel more important than when in a moment of crisis, big or small, I hear them call: “Mummy!!!!” Nothing makes me prouder, than when they come home excited and happy in sharing their success.

And here’s the thing, it’s these things that make me feel loved, special and privileged to be their mum. Do I like the cards, flowers and spoiling bit. Of course, I do. But simply BEING their mum means so much more.

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