This morning I woke up to the news that Donald J. Trump had been elected the 45th US president and like so many people the news left me reeling.

I am not a particularly political person and certainly when it comes to political elections of other nations, I don’t especially feel the need to comment or get involved. But Trump is different. His opinions, often designed to be provocative (sometimes intentional and even more worrying, often unintentional) clearly reflect a racist misogynist driven by greed, money and self-interest.

To have that kind of individual leading one of the most powerful and influential nations of the world is alarming to say the least and the feeling I was left with – and not for the first time this year – was how broken the world is.

There are more displaced people on this planet than the world has ever known. There are women and babies who have fled war-torn countries without shelter and clothing who may possibly freeze to death this winter. From the killings in Nice to the bombings and terror attacks in Istanbul, New York, Brussels and more, the world looks like a pretty bleak place.

But then this morning, I taught my regular Wednesday morning Baby Massage class. With seven wonderful mums and their babies, who despite everything that was going on in the world, gazed around the room in wonderment. Their smiles lighting up the doom and gloom like sunshine breaking through clouds on a rainy day.

We talked about the US election and I said to the mums, that the reason why I do what I do is that I believe with every atom of my being that the way we can create a better world is through our babies. They are born pure and innocent without any filters of prejudice or judgment. They represent a future that is bright and full of love and hope and we must never stop believing in that. Why? Because it begins with us. Love, peace and communication begins with us. As do hate, resentment and discrimination. It all begins with us.

I am not alone in this belief. It underpins the very essence and philosophy of what all of us at MamaBabyBliss stand for and what we fondly call spreading the ‘MBB love and pixie dust’. We are all here to make a difference and we can do so powerfully and collectively, starting with the most precious people of all.

We can change the world. We must change the world. And it begins with our babies.

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